Why Did My Relationship Fail? | Use “The Seven Whys” Exercise To Find Out

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Why Did My Relationship Fail? | Use “The Seven Whys” Exercise To Find Out

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Your ex after the breakup.

The number one mistake that you’re doing today if you want to get back with the one you love is listening to their words. What does this mean?

After the breakup, your ex will tell you a lot of things, “You didn’t give enough attention, you weren’t independent enough, you weren’t active enough in the relationship, we didn’t have enough sex.” Whatever they’re saying, WE DON’T CARE.

After a breakup, your ex will never tell you the main problem. What is the main reason for the breakup? And you should do the following exercise to really understand what happened.

This exercise is called “The Seven Whys.”

For example, your ex is not feeling in love anymore. Why?
Because things became routine
Because you spend too much time at work
Because you didn’t give her or give him your best
Because you come from a different background

Whatever the reasons, if you ask yourself, “Why?” seven times, you will have a complete understanding of the breakup and of your behavior. This is where you can start to really communicate with your ex. This is where you can tell him or her, “I understand. I really understand. I know it’s not because I didn’t give you attention. It’s because I didn’t learn how to give you love. I didn’t express my feelings. And I’m doing the work today”

You will be able to show that you will never make the same mistake again and again. And because you are doing the work, you will rebuild the connection, the trust between you and your ex.

Don’t do this mistake again! Don’t listen to your ex after the breakup!

You know why he or she left you. So use that first reason, and then do “The Seven Whys” exercise. Then you will have a complete overview of your situation.


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