Vulnerability in Relationships | Relationship and Dating Advice [RIG Ep 003]

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In this episode of Relationship Inner Game, we discuss:

[0:30] The difference between vulnerability in relationships that connects and vulnerability that repels
[13:39] What is the difference between challenging limiting beliefs and ignoring red flags?
[26:22] How can emotionally unavailable people go from seemingly loving each other to drifting apart?

Resources referenced in this recording:

The Compatibility Code –

In this episode, we are highlighting the importance of vulnerability in relationships and dating.

Now, most people would probably agree that vulnerability is a good thing in relationships.

…Maybe there is some debate when it comes to dating…

…But I want to help you understand why you don’t need to hide your intentions when it comes to vulnerability during the dating process or in a relationship.

In fact it can be a great thing.

That is… if you can express your vulnerability the right way that actually helps to create connection rather than destroy connection.

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