Take Time To Reflect On You and Your Relationship

Take Time To Reflect On You and Your Relationship. Why should you reflect on yourself and your relationship? Self-reflection is one of the best ways that you can shift your mindset, increase positivity in your life, and discover a greater connection to yourself. Self-reflection is all about creating self-awareness. So many of us focus on getting ahead that we don’t necessarily take time to reflect on what’s going on within us. Several questions to ask yourself: What negative or destructive behavioral patterns appear in my journal entries about my relationships with my family of origin and friends? Have I taken responsibility for these patterns or have I been blaming others for them? What negative messages have I been telling myself that allowed me to stay in these destructive relationships or behaviors?Why did these patterns begin? In what way did my behaviors in these relationships protect or serve me? Does this pattern or way of relating still serve me? What stories do I tell myself about people with whom I have (or have had) difficult relationships? What do I need to learn in order to transform these destructive patterns into healthy ones?

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