Sleeping With An Ex You Still Love | But Only Interested In Sex!

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Sleeping With An Ex You Still Love | But Only Interested In Sex!

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Sleeping with an ex you still love. How do I deal with an ex who is only interested in sex? And does not want to have a serious relationship with me again? Sleeping with an ex you still love, from what we’ve seen, happens primarily with women. They say, “We were in a relationship, now we’re becoming friends with benefits, we’re having sex with, but we’re not getting the relationship we want back.”

There’s only one way to get yourself out of this situation – and a lot of you are not going to like what Coach Natalie is going to say – you’ve got to stop.

If you know that the only thing you’re giving him, and the only thing he wants, is sex, but you know you want more, if you continue to meet his needs, knowing he’s not meeting yours, then you’re selling yourself short, and you’re definitely not going to get what you want out of htls.

If he’s confident and comfortable being in this pseudo-relationship with you, where all you do is have sex without the commitment… that’s not the way you’re going to get your ex to commit to you.

Believe it or not, once your ex knows they run a risk that they lose what they want – which is sex – at least you’ll know what their true intentions are.

It ends one of two ways…

One, they say, “Wait a second! I definitely want to continue seeing this person. I miss our sexual chemistry. I miss our connection. Let’s see if we can reconsider this relationship.


Two, They say, “Fine… I’m ok with not having sex with you. And, I still don’t want a relationship. This is it.”

We obviously don’t want option two, but at least you know where they stand before you continue wasting time, before you continue investing ourselves emotionally, sexually, into someone who’s not giving you what you need in exchange.

You can only be treated the way you allow yourself to be treated. And if you let them just get sex out of you without anything in exchange, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible ride.

If they are being clear, authentic, and honest with you, on what they can and cannot deliver, and what they do and do not want, then the only person who’s not being honest with you is yourself.


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