Should I Wait For My Ex To Contact Me First? | When’s The Right Time To Reach Out?

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Should I Wait For My Ex To Contact Me First? | When’s The Right Time To Reach Out?

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Welcome to Love Advice TV – today with Coach Abby – the YouTube channel for With My Ex Again. Today’s video topic is, “Should I wait for my ex to contact me first?” When is the right time to reach out to an ex after no contact or after a breakup? That is usually what we think about right after a breakup or when we initiate the no contact rule.

Do you know when’s the right time for reaching out to an ex? When you’re confident about yourself. You never, ever, ever reach out when you feel less than because you’re less than is what brought you to what has happened – the breakup. And what is “feeling less than”?

Feeling less than is putting your ex, someone, anyone on a pedestal. Let’s remove him or her from the pedestal. And while you’re at it, remove yourself from the pedestal. No one needs to be on a pedestal. Everyone needs to be equal, up to a certain point.

How and when’s the right time for reaching out to an ex? When you’re confident in yourself. Men and women are so attracted to confidence. We cannot, at all, show anyone that we are less than because we are not the prize then. And you need to always be the prize. And that just takes confidence. It’s very simple. It’s not as difficult as we imagine it.

We need to remove ourselves from putting ourselves down and show our ex a very confident person. It’s very attractive and very seductive. And seduction always brings us back to where we need to be.


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