Religion And Relationships | Choosing Religion Over Love

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Religion And Relationships | Choosing Religion Over Love

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Coach Adrian has been working with clients whose ex’s are choosing religion over love. Religion and relationships is a sensitive subject and people can feel stuck between a rock and hard place when choosing religion over love.

Choosing religion over love can be heartbreaking because, in our opinion, religions were created to unite humanity, to unite people, to unite communities, to unite couples and families. And its really a travesty when good, solid relationships are torn apart because of fundamental religious differences.

The truth of the matter is that all religions preach the same message. And it’s a message of love, compassion, becoming your higher, better self, and of serving humanity, no matter what spiritual path you turn towards.

So when people are choosing religion over love because parents are putting pressure on a significant other, or because they don’t pray the same way, or live out their faith the same way, it’s very sad.

The last thing you want to do is make it an obsession to try to prove that you are worthy, or turn your back to your faith or your culture, heritage, and values in order to fit in. You won’t succeed.

You have to be respectful. You cannot prove your ex or your ex’s family right by turning into a bitter, resentful person. You have to take the high road, and to live out your faith in action, and to continue nurture a good, solid relationship with your ex, to prove to them that you can be compassionate and trustworthy, and that they can depend on you. And to keep a framework of communication to rebuild a bridge so that your significant other can realize that you are good for them, that you make them better.

In cases where your ex cuts all ties with you and is building up walls and barriers, don’t bang your head against the wall. Give them the space that they need. Continue to move forward with your life. Continue to stay true to your values. And from time to time, check in on them, to let them know you are not bitter or resentful, that you can and will be there for them when they are ready, and don’t hold it against them.


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