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Are you looking for relationship advice? Wondering what healthy relationships really looks like? Do you wonder why some couples make it and others don’t?

The secret lies with the 7 Keys To Relationship Success as stated in Barbara J. Peters book, “He Said, She Said, I Said.” Barbara shares her experience of counseling hundreds of couples and gives you step-by-step guidance on how to handle: Communication, Trust, Forgiveness, Intimacy, Acceptance, Friendship and Love.

Did You Know? A couple’s connection can either be strengthened or weakened depending on how their differences are handled? In my award-winning book “He Said, She Said, I Said,” I take the most common communication complaints I hear from couples in my office and gets to their core – and teach you how to overcome them.

Discover: 7 keys to saving your relationships that in my practice have saved hundreds of relationships (Relationships they thought couldn’t be saved!)

Learn: Communication tips to rekindle your relationship (And keep you out of the divorce attorney’s office!)

Recapture The Spark: With the communication issues resolving, be free to revive the romance and pursue the passion (Enjoy the spark and sizzle that brought you together in the first place!)

In He Said, She Said, I Said, You’ll Learn:

• 7 Keys to making your relationship last a lifetime
• How to figure out the real issue
• What’s causing the conflict and how to resolve it
• How a Relationship Maintenance Agreement works
• How to implement a guide to stay on track
• How to connect emotionally
• How to get the spark back into your marriage or relationship
• How to stop the painful fighting
• And so much more!

Make Your Relationship Successful TODAY!

If these challenges sound familiar, this book is for you! Couples counselor, Barbara J. Peters, offers simple ideas and approaches for reframing the way you look at the interactions and situations in your relationship.

Visit bestselling author Barbara J. Peters website to learn more or visit Barbara’s author page on Amazon to see her complete line of relationship books.

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Relationship Advice Healthy Relationship Books – Barbara J Peters, Author He Said She Said I Said

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