Relationship Advice from Family & Friends – BAD IDEA

Dating & Relationship Advice from Family & Friends is a Bad Idea!

Most of us tend to go to our family & friends for our dating & relationship advice, but that’s a really bad idea. They may have good intentions, but they’re still emotionally involved with at least one person in the relationship and their advice will reflect that.

You must also keep in mind that most people have no idea how to build and maintain a healthy and loving relationship. They get become involved with each other accidentally and end up accepting and settling with what they’ve got.

In this Attraction Tips video I explain why getting your dating & relationship advice from family & friends is typically a bad idea, and who you should be getting your advice from.

At Skill of Attraction I provide dating tips & relationship advice, mainly for men, and help facilitate growing attraction and their romantic life to where it’s relatively effortless.

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