Relationship Advice: Forgiveness from Bali!

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Before we get to the mushy, gushy stuff of Intimacy & Forgiveness…

You will want to watch this video if you want to go on a journey of seeing the magical world of Bali!

So if you’re sitting in your office, cubicle, bedroom, or staring at your cell phone looking for something to watch, this is it!

From lush green fields filled with palm trees, and rice terrace’s..

To swinging over fields, healers and bathing in holy waters at Tirta Empul, this is witnessing an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Okay now for the mushy, gushy stuff..

Listen as Arica Angelo shares why Forgiveness is the one thing you want to have flowing in your life.

Have blocked love? Can’t seem to find the right person? Your marriage is in a place where it’s stuck and you’re frustrated?

Then you do not want to miss out on this video.


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