My Ex Ghosted Me | How Do I Cope And Move Forward?

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My Ex Ghosted Me | How Do I Cope And Move Forward?

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Ghosting. We think this year, we’ve heard more about ghosting than we’ve ever have. We think it’s a “millennial” phenomenon, and people are bringing it up all the time. “My ex ghosted me. And still comments on my Facebook wall, but won’t respond to texts, or phone calls, or run-ins. My ex ghosted me. What do I do?”

Ultimately, it’s important for you to asses how you can handle ghosting. But ghosting is like a breakup. If your ex ghosted you, stop calling. Go directly into radio silence. If you continue to pursue your ex, you show them you’re ok with being disrespect, which over time, allows for you to be taken for granted and for you to be the passive partner in the relationship, and it makes you less attractive over time. By pursuing your ex after they ghost you, it shows them you’re ok with being mistreated.


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