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Subtly flirt with your crush – 21 Questions to Ask Your Crush when you are too shy to flirt obviously,

Make your crush aware that you are interested by asking him or her these flirty questions. This way you don’t make it difficult if they don’t like or have an attraction to you, and things won’t be awkward. It will also help you get to know your crush better. And you don’t need to be face to face to ask these questions… sending them to that girl or guy you like over text message will also work. This works great if you are nervous – LOL!

21 Questions to Ask Your Crush to Subtly Flirt with Them. For guys and girls that want to get to know their crush better. Let your crush know you are interested in them romantically. This makes flirting fun and lighthearted. You don’t put yourself out there and you don’t overthink it. And it helps you to find out if your crush likes you too. Your crush’s answers to these questions will tell you how he or she feels about you.

Ask these questions to build a connection and get closer to your crush.

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