Love SiQ Relationship Therapy: How To Spice Up Yo Marriage

In this very special Vlog we are giving relationship advice to couples all over the world from a husband and wife point of view. Today we have a questions from one of our SiQo’s ,Joe and he wanted to know:
How can a newlywed couple keep it spicy in the Relationship?

We have been together for 8 years and married for 6, we enjoy loving each other and helping couples find love. We believe in order to keep it spicey, stay spicy always finding new ways to enjoy your Mate. Being spontaneous
Dating and courting your mate
Pampering them, making them feel special
Taking on household chores and paying attention when they need help
Take trips
Put those kids to bed and get this couple’s game called Monogamy
It’s the couple’s version of monopoly for adults. This game allows you to play naughty scenarios with your mate to heat things up and create an ambiance for the two of you to enjoy.

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