Love Doctor – Dating Advice – Is He Cheating On Me? (Advice For Women)

Is her boyfriend of 5 years cheating on her?

S. Smith has been with Darren for 4 years. During the beginning of their relationship, about a year in, he cheated on her. She forgave him it took a while for her to fully trust him again, but in time she did. Now 5 years later, she’s feeling as if something is going on. He’s working late, hanging with his boys more and they aren’t as intimate as they use to be. He’s switches his phone to vibrate, turns it down so she can’t see the screen and sometimes steps outside to take calls. If she even attempts pick up his phone he snatches it away. A couple of times while sorting through clothes she found two movie tickets in his pocket. When she asks him if something is going on he says no. S. Smith wants to know what to do.

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