“How to ‘Get Game’ and Advice for Dating After Divorce with Mario, the ‘GetGameGuy'” – HQ Podcast

How to “Get Game” and advice for dating after divorce are covered in this HQ (Happiness Quadrant) Podcast with Rob Choe, interviewing Mario, the “GetGameGuy.” Dating after divorce can be tough for anyone. Rob Choe, who operates the Facebook group “Dads Overcoming Divorce” interviews Mario for dating advice for his members (men/dads overcoming divorce). Admittedly, it’s difficult getting back into the dating world after marriage and divorcee. Discussed in this podcast are how to “get game” for these dads getting back into the dating world (sooner or later), and what advice/tips for Mario has to jumpstart these men’s dating success.

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Get Game Group: Dating Coaching for Men and Women
“Teaching the World the Art of Game”

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