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This video reveals what to do when he says he needs space. Will he come back? You’ll learn what’s really going on when he says, “I need space”, what to expect and what you must do to get him back.

Giving him space is actually part of any good, normal, healthy relationship, though it’s certainly important to understand why guys need space and exactly HOW to give him space the right way.

“Should I give him space?” Yes, especially if you feel like you may have been accidentally needy or clingy in a way that pushed him away.

Granted, it’s OK to have wants, needs and desires in a relationship. That’s not what I mean.

What I’m talking about is when the relationship seems to be heading in a negative direction, which makes you worried and afraid he might leave, so your mood and behavior shifts towards trying to find reassurance that he is still interested and invested in you.

This shift in energy makes things worse, which makes you worry more and things seem to accelerate towards a negativity spiral.

“If I give him space, will he come back?” I’ll explain in your video how giving him space is not only your best move, but really your only option to make things better.

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