HC039 – 8 Dating Tips For Men (From Women).

HC039 – 8 Dating Tips For Men (From Women).

Over the past half year, Adam has been doing a lot of research on ways he can help coach men even better. He’s come across some absolute gems that will be discussed over the next few months, but in the process, he’s also been asking women questions about dating as well. This led him to interview what felt like nearly one hundred women of all sorts of backgrounds and jobs such as nurses, bar tenders, strippers, artists, a few models and even some accountants. One of the things he would ask them was this:

“What are some things you wish men knew but would never tell them?”

The range of answers he got was incredible (a lot were retarded) but there were a few that stood out as they were repeated several times. So, he wrote an article about it.

In today’s podcast, we talk about this article in depth.


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