Does My Ex Feel Guilty For Hurting Me? | THREE Clear SIGNS They Feel Guilty

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Does My Ex Feel Guilty For Hurting Me? | THREE Clear SIGNS They Feel Guilty

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Do you think my ex feels guilty? Do you think that they truly feel guilty for how they’ve handled this breakup, or how they’ve handled this relationship?

The reason we wanted to make a video about this is because so many people are questioning whether or not their ex regrets their decision, whether or not their ex actually feels empathy for how our client might be feeling. And they wonder, “Did I matter? Did how this person treat me keep me up at night? Does it influence the way they remember the relationship? Was I loved? Was I worthy? Was I valuable?”

So many people want to know whether or not their ex feels guilty to answer a lot of those personal, vulnerable, challenging questions that we ask ourselves when we look in the mirror throughout the course of a breakup.

So let’s cover the signs that your ex is feeling guilty about the breakup or the relationship.

Sign one, they’re telling you! If your ex is telling you, “Hey, I feel guilty about the way I’ve handled this, I feel guilty for the way I’ve been treating you, I feel guilty for the way I treated you throughout the course of our time together,” then that’s a humongous sign that they do feel guilty about how things ended up and maybe they’re not too proud of their behavior, or how they handled certain things.

Sign two, another sign that your ex feels guilty is that they are constantly trying to make things up to you. They’re trying to tell you how amazing you look, tell you they’re going to be there if you ever need them for anything, they will appear and serve you to the very best of their ability. In our experience, this is also a sign that your ex feels guilty.

Sign three, your ex is too ashamed to even speak with you. There are so many times when your ex can’t even look you in the eye after certain things that they’ve done pre or post breakup, if you guys work in the same space, have to encounter one another, see each other at nightclubs. If they aren’t even able to look at you because the pain is just so great, or the guilt, is just so great, then that’s an enormous sign that maybe they’re regretful of how they’ve handled thigns, or how they’ve behaved, or the things they’ve done.

The real thing to consider here in this video though is that guilt is not enough to truly ignite a long term change. People, when they feel guilty, might carry that guilt for a bit, but does it truly motivate them to change how they feel? NO. Usually, people who change feel inspired to do so, for whatever reason. And the reason we want to outline this in this video is because even if they feel guilty, it doesn’t mean you should change or abandon your personal transformation. You shouldn’t abandon who you are and who you’re trying to become and those things you’re working so hard on because your ex is showcasing signs of guilt. Don’t let the guilt distract you from your purpose and this opportunity you’ve been granted to redefine who you are.


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