Dating Tips For Men Over 40 – Crush Those Young Party Boys!

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I’m guessing you’re watching this because you’re over 40 and you’d like to meet and date attractive women.

I’ve helped personal coaching clients all over the world of all different ages to meet and date their ‘dream girl’.

The one mistake men over 40 make is that they try to compete with the ‘cool’ young guys. They dress young, and they use the phrases young people use.

This tends to come across as ‘trying to be young’, in a ‘mid life crisis’ kind of way.

Don’t try to beat the young guys at their own game. Instead play to your strengths and use your experience of life. Your greater sense of self. Your knowledge of the world and life.

The young boys are insecure and don’t know themselves yet. This is where you can beat them and get those dream girls.