Dating Tips #9 – When You Date a Jailbird

With an estimated 2 million Americans locked up behind bars, the USA holds the #1 position in the world for prisoners. The most important thing to understand though is that Black males 25-39 – the prime age for marriage and fatherhood – are the greatest percentage of this country’s prisoners. Many of the men were already married or in stable, long-term relationships before they went in, but others seek the comfort and companionship of a woman or two or three AFTER they are convicted.

If you are a single black woman, chances are very high that a guy you date will have been at some point locked up behind bars. If he is out and doing well for himself, that’s one thing. However, this video addresses the women who find their way to creating a new relationship with a man they will not go to dinner with, to a movie, kiss or hug, for years or even forever. What motivates a woman to get involved with a convicted felon? What do these prison girlfriends or prison wives expect from a man who hasn’t been responsible for himself in years, who has all decisions made for him, and for whom manipulation and violence is a part of his daily life?

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