Dating Tips #12 – How Bad Table Manners Impact Relationships

How you present yourself in speech and dress tells a lot about who you are as a person, your educational level, your home training, and your social standing. Any good opinions others have about you based on surface assessments will fly right out the window if you have no clue about how to conduct yourself when eating a meal.

Elbows or forearm on the table, shoveling food with fork or fingers, burping, picking teeth, talking with food in your mouth, chewing with your mouth wide open, or eating without washing your hands first are all things that your date and their families/friends and coworkers or business partners are going to notice.

You clearly demonstrate that you have no home training or couth every time you eat like a pig at a trough – slurping, smacking and gobbling your food like it’s your first meal of the decade. And if you are a parent not taking the time to teach your children good table manners, you are doing them a disservice and need to kick your own ass for that!

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