Communicate Feelings – Short partner exercise for better relationships

Would you like to learn how to communicate your feelings openly and authentically? You can do this relationship exercise with a friend, partner or family member, and it helps you both to communicate clearly and from the heart. This relationship advice will help you to find more love, compassion, and understanding.


Let’s take a look at a fun exercise that will bring you in touch with the beauty of sharing feelings. I recommend you try this out with a loved one like a romantic partner, friend or family member. The instruction is to share only feelings back and forth. One of you starts out with saying ‘I feel… X.’ The other person reacts by saying: ‘When you said you felt X, I felt Y.’ Keep doing this. It’s important to keep in mind that all feelings are welcome. For example,

A: ‘I feel disconnected.’
B: ‘When you said you felt disconnected, I felt sad.’
A: ‘When you said you felt sad, I felt compassion.’
B: ‘When you said you felt compassion, I felt love.’
A: ‘When you said you felt love, I felt happy.’ … (etc.)

Do you feel awkward to ask someone to do this exercise with you? A gentle way can be to explain: ‘I’m doing a course to improve my relationship skills. I feel a little bit awkward about it, but would you like to help me by doing a short exercise with me? It’s about sharing feelings.’ Whenever doing something new like this feels edgy, it means you’re learning and expanding by doing it!

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All relationship advice from this relationship skills course, Fulfilling Relationship I, is suitable for monogamous as well as polyamorous relationships, and also for non-romantic relationships.

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