Can you rebuild trust in a relationship? [The Relationship Help Doctor]

with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD


GUEST: Scott Schilling, Significance Expert

– What can you do when trust is broken
– New thoughts on why trust is so critical to relationships
– What congruence has to do with rebuilding relationships
– How feedback can be used to improve relationships
– Getting clear within yourself to have the relationship you want
– What Scott Schilling learned from Talking with Giants and what you can, too.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about what you really need to have if you want a great relationship.

If you have the ingredients, you can put them into the relationship. If you’re missing them within yourself, and you go looking for them in another, you won’t be able to have the relationship you know you want. You’ve heard me say many times that you cannot give a gift you do not have. That applies to relationships, too. What you put into it is so important.

How have your past relationships taken a toll on your current one? I give an example of a couple I worked with and how this was the biggest issue between them. Yay! We resolved it. You’ll want to hear this, and understand more fully what might be going on in your relationship.

Blame? No, that doesn’t work. You know that. You don’t like to be blamed, so that means you don’t blame others, right? Oops! Learn more about this, too, in today’s episode.

GUEST: SCOTT SCHILLING, The Significance Expert and Co-Founder of YouPlus1

Scott Schilling has achieved the pinnacle of success within the speaking, training and business coaching industries having achieved the top platforms worldwide sharing the stage with likes of General Colin Powell, Suze Orman and many more. He has personally closed millions of dollars in business, while helping clients grow their businesses closing hundreds of millions. He has helped countless numbers of people find success within their businesses, and passions.

Scott’s reach spans the globe and his time is sought after by people all around the world. Scott reminds us that,

“Legacy is not what you have accumulated throughout your life to leave behind once you pass…it should be what you are known for as you live!”

This is a very in-depth conversation. Get yourself a cup of something warm, and settle in for a deep listen!



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