Best Relationship Advice – Stop Waiting and Start Living

Best Relationship advice – Stop waiting and Start Living

When you are single and stressed about finding love,you need to calm down, chill out, and stop expecting love to be here already. Your sense of entitlement is killing your ability to attract a good partner. You have to stop waking up every day feeling angry that love hadn’t found you yet.
Stop being resentful that your friends were married and having lives that felt out of your reach. Stop feeling like your life was on hold.
As cliché as it sounds, you have to stop waiting and start living. You will see your outlook change overnight.
Your results will change, too. You will start meeting men and women wherever you go. You will start going on dates, having fun, and not giving your heart away foolishly, and meeting your soulmate.
You will know he or she is the one, when they share relatable statements like, “I’ve always been too nice for the naughty girls and too naughty for the nice ones.”
Best advice for singles who are struggling in their search is to look within and ask themselves what part of their own life still needs work. When you clean up your side of the street, you make room for a perfectly imperfect person to see you, celebrate you, and love you. And remember that Mr. Right [or Ms. Right] will not be perfect, but will be perfect for you, just as you’ll be perfectly imperfect for him [or her].
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