BEST Relationship advice, dealing with Heartbreaks, and Moving On (Finding a Healthy Relationship)

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This was a discussion I recorded with my sisters during a time when I felt hurt after experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak wondering if the responsibility of a failed relationship was because I didn’t tried hard enough, was it because I’ve chosen guys who were not interested in me in the first place, or was it because I was just a bad partner?

Those questions where you feel like you were not enough for someone or at least you were not good enough for someone to continue investing and putting in effort to work things out. Sometimes questions of what could have been, what if I’ve done this, did that, said those words or not, would they have mend things before everything fell apart. Or knowing full well the relationship was not a good fit so why kept going at all?

And so you have this discussion of what to do after breakup, after heartbreak, where there is no blame, no fault on either end, instead just learning to accept what is, understanding the importance of letting go, and heal those wounds/hurt from our past relationships even if we can no longer be a part of their lives.