Ange Fonce Sex Advice to Help You Avoid Abusive Relationships

My name is Daddy and I am the founder of ER0T1C4 Magazine, a mens lifestyle magazine with a heavy focus on interviewing beautiful models, exploring the secret and often treacherous realm of quirks and TA13OO fantasies ad well as the exploration of human psychology and how to live your like like a playboy.

Over the past 10 years, ER0T1C4 Magazine has interviewed over 50 of the worlds most popular pick up artists, from Marni Kenrys of the Wing Girls Method to Carlos Zuma, David Wygant, Arash Dibazar and more… as well as having featured hundreds and hundreds of the internet’s most sought-after and desirable girls from all over the world.

We also have a deep and extended collection of interviews and audios from our in-house staff “psychoanalysts” with very unique perspectives on relationships with the opposite sex: From an ex member of the Italian mafia, a porn producer, a gigolo who have slept with literally thousands of women, an ex-porn star, even the ex-girlfriend of one of the world’s most prominent pick up artists, ER0T1C4 Magazine offers a very unique perspective on the world.

On the website, we have over 200 interviews and photospreads with some of the world’s most beautiful women

Our in-house staff has a lay count of well over 3,000 girls, maybe there is something we can do for you.

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