Always Second-Guessing Yourself? Relationship Advice from The Relationship Help Doctor

If someone makes you second-guess yourself, you need to think about this…and about Hijackals®.

Difficult, toxic–even disturbing–people often make you question yourself, second-guess yourself. Why this is good, and why it can go awfully wrong…and why #Hijackals® count on it for control.

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor, offers relationship advice for dealing with difficult issues and people.
She focuses on helping her clients to stop tolerating abuse, and gives them strategies for changing relationship dynamics.

Are you in relationship with a Hijackal™? Someone who consistently behaves in ways that undermine you, put you down, make you crazy? I can help you understand that behavior and how to keep yourself safe and sane.

Dr. Shaler has clients worldwide through video conferencing.Visit and