#6 Merry Christmas Dating tips #NLP #Hypnosis #PUA Mike Kollin The Best Dating & Relationship Coach

#6 Merry Christmas Dating tips #NLP #Hypnosis #PUA Mike Kollin

Happy New Years 2016 It’s going to be Awesome!!!

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This is Mike Kollin @ mikekollin.com Happy New Years

Enjoy the Fuck out of your Life!!

We call this Hypnosis. Shhhhh… We are doing a little hypnosis here. We just want to make a Happy New year for ya. We did an NLP technique, technically it’s Hypnosis. And uh we just got AB in a good state. In the past I have done hypnosis with a Dog clicker. I could click it but that’s not the state we want right now.

What we’ve done with AB is we’ve reconnected and rewired some very positive states to meeting people and approaching to doing stuff like that.

How’s your social life been? Has your social life changed in the last 3 weeks? A lot better, meeting a lot more people. Does it seem natural? Yeah…. Before a lot of people look at it like work going to clubs meeting friends. Now it’s just natural…

So it’s natural for you! What about the Bison club?
We went to the club last night. And we met a bunch of really, really cool dudes, a bunch of awesome dudes. We are outside a club in San Francisco.

They were in a circle blocking out the wolves to protect the calves… Yet they were surrounded by women. Yet weren’t talking to any of the women.

Approach a girl and imagine she goes Fuck off!!! She says your not my type indian boy… hahahahahahah…

What we did was anchor laughter, hilarious laughter to rejection. So he actually looks forward to a woman / girl rejecting him viciously!!!

He took the course to learn how to pick up on women and what it really was, was fear of rejection.

And now he Has a Magic Trick!!

We re-linked AB to instead of being afraid of women to laughter, Now he thinks it’s funny as f’k…

We can only imagine what it’ll be like now!

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Go ahead, talk, say goodbye!!! Say Something!!! hahahahahaha…