5 Questions You MUST Ask in a Long Distance Relationship! (Dating Advice for Men)

5 Questions You MUST Ask in a Long Distance Relationship! (Dating Advice for Men)

If you’re considering a long distance relationship or already in one then you must ask yourself and your potential partner these 5 questions.

If you don’t find out the answers to these questions, you could be setting yourselves up for unnecessary heartbreak. And that would suck.

In the modern world on online shopping and vacation travel, meeting someone in our own backyard (our own city or town) is no longer guaranteed.

So, protect yourself and your heart by looking at long distance love with a bit of common sense.

Can a long distance relationship work out? You bet it can! Happens all. the. time.

But I guarantee that at some point the couples in successful long distance relationships talked about these issues and figured out a way to resolve any obstacles to love.

Watch the video then let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had a long distance relationship and if yes how it turned out!

I love reading your comments!

Also, feel free to ask me a question in the comments and I might do a video for you!

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Good luck and good love guys!!

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p.s. Last night I went to Bard on the Beach (an outdoor theatre play in a big tent) with a great friend and we laughed ourselves silly. Try to make sure you find someone you can laugh yourself silly with!
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Disclaimer: Anna is not a professional therapist. You are responsible for your own actions. That’s life.

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