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3 things to let go of to Attract a Relationship. Never Miss A Video

What You will Learn in this Video:
-How to attract a relationship
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This video will break down the 3 things You need to let go of to attract a healthy long lasting relationship. We all can attract a relationship. However we rather attract the right relationship instead of attracting any kind of relationship.

1) Let Go of Past Pain
Past Pain can be unforgiveness towards someone or a situation. Why this is a problem even in your dating life is because you attract who you are not what you want. If you are not dealing with issues from your past they will show in the person you are attracting in your life. The person we date is a reflection of who we are.

2) Let Go of Negative Energy with Love
You can only attract Love if you are already in that energy. Like I mentioned above we will only be able to attract people fro the same energy we are in. Like attracts like. You may want to attract your soulmate but if you aren’t already in a loving energy that person won’t be attracted to you. Because you are in tow different vibrations.

3) Let Go of the How & When
You don’t have to be so focused on when your love story will happen. Just love on you and be open to receiving what you seek. Right now you need to be on a self love journey so you can deal with any dating cycles you need to get rid of. As well as understanding what is love to you and how to accept love.


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Bonus Self Work to Try: Meditation, Praying, Finding what your purpose is (Click Link here to find out what your purpose is ), find a life coach who will coach you throughout your life, spend time with friends and family.


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3 things to let go of to Attract a Relationship

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