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So here are three signs you can look out for.
The first question you want to ask yourself is, are we even friends yet?

Spend a little bit more time getting to know each other first and see if that friendship even develops.

Number two, if you’re moving too fast, your gut is going to tell you.

We all know that feeling, that feeling that you get in your gut when you just feel like something is off. This isn’t moving at the speed I want to be moving he’s introducing me to his parents a little bit too soon or maybe to his children a little bit too soon and if your gut is telling you this, your gut is telling you that something is wrong don’t forget to listen to that, your intuition can be incredibly powerful.

It doesn’t mean you have to stop the relationship, it means you can just let him know, “look, maybe it’s not time to meet your children yet, why don’t we wait a couple weeks and then we can see where we are. ”
And finally number three is that you don’t trust him yet.

Look, trust is earned it is not given and sometimes it takes a little bit of time before you can fully open up your heart to trust a man.

So if you’re not quite at that point yet everything seems like it’s going a little bit too smooth he seems like he hasn’t kind of unveiled himself yet and everything is just almost completely perfect, then it’s okay to slow it down, you know most relationships end because they go too quickly, it’s not bad to kind of hone it back.

And again, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong at this point it just means that maybe it’s not time to take the next step such as living together.

Last one’s from Spring Blossom. I gave up on finding love and getting married.

There’s literally too much competition out there that you have to deal with.

Seems like all the men are taken, or either gay or not into you, so why even bother?

Not all men are taken, and not all men are gay. Now that we know that factually, let’s talk about why it is that you feel like all men are taken and all men are gay.

The reason why you’re perceiving the world this way is because you are suffering from what is known as confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is simply the interpretation of new evidence as a confirmation of your existing beliefs.

So what does this mean? What this basically means is whatever it is that you believe to be true, you’re gonna see evidence that supports it. So the way that this works in dating is, let’s say you walk into a party and half the men are talking to other women and half the men are just hanging out by themselves. Because you have this belief system that they are all taken, you’re only gonna focus your energy and your attention, on the men who are talking to other women. And then you’re gonna think to yourself, all men are taken. Where as a woman who changes her belief system and has an idea of abundance and thinking to yourself look there’s a ton of amazing guys available, she’s gonna walk into that same party, that same room and see the men who are not talking to the women and the guys were just single and just hanging out on their own and she’s gonna think to herself, damn there’s a lot of guys available right now. So it’s time to open up your eyes and find some new evidence that supports some new beliefs, I believe that you can do it and really put some energy into making it happen. So if you enjoyed this video and you want me to answer your question next week head on over to Instagram, that’s where I’m gonna be getting most of my questions for next week,

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