#3 Merry Christmas Dating tips NLP Hypnosis PUA Mike Kollin

#3 Merry Christmas Dating tips NLP Hypnosis PUA Mike Kollin

This is Mike Kollin

We were watching another video/pickup artist course… And my course is completely opposite of the other courses. The most genuine thing you can do. The other guys are teaching you these tips and techniques. And every single thing, every single movement is calculate and broken down.

The Theme in their video is, “I Have Higher Value”. they have all these techniques to make other people believe they have higher value. They have this need to let other people know they have value. Which means they don’t believe that they in and of themselves is high value because of who he already is.

A lot of guys think they can take a pickup artist course and learn pickup artist techniques and pick up on girls. A lot of guys don’t think they are good enough for who they are. And, they already are good enough.

You are Good enough the way you are!!! The more you accept this and realize this, the easier and funner it will be meeting women / girls. It’s like you are not even trying to meet women.

A third of this course is about you reconnecting with yourself.

This is a fun, easy going course on how to “Step back into your POWER!!!” And truly be yourself and learn communication patterns that trigger her mating system because her mating system is connected to her right brain, not her eyes.