10 Dating Tips For Guys (Feat. Josh Leyva)

How to pick up on girls! If you just clicked this video, it’s wise you stay on and watch it’s entirety. No corny pick up lines my friends, let’s keep it classy San Diego… With that being said, I’m Josh Leyva collabing with my boys from ModernWhiz and The WhizSide Crew. Welcome to our list of our Top 10 Dating tips for guys!

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The List: “10 Dating Tips For Guys (Feat. Josh Leyva)”

– The Walk, The Look
– Don’t Ask for her number, simply get it
– Look Into her eyes.
– Take A Compliment
– Be a Gentleman
– Be Direct
– You Have to experience Failure to appreciate Success
– Believe You’re The Catch
– Don’t Expose Your Negatives
– Practice Makes Perfect

Music: “The Finer Things” By Nine Diamond

10 Dating Tips For Guys (Feat. Josh Leyva)

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