#1 Merry Christmas Dating tips #NLP #Hypnosis #PUA Mike Kollin Step into your Power!

#1 Merry Christmas Dating tips NLP Hypnosis PUA Mike Kollin Step into your Power!

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Intentions, NLP Trainings. They spoke about how intentions create your outcome. I used it with a client who came over with a fear / phobia.

I had this intention that my client, she was going to get the results she came in here for. So she got really clear on what she wanted. And then she got her results.

Intentions will lead you, guide you and give your unconscious mind a direction to go in. If you focus on wha you want, you will more likely get it because it takes you in the direction you want to go in.

If you hold an intention, an idea, a thought of what you want and imagine having it, your unconscious mind will take you in that direction.

Hold an intention of what you want to create. Happiness, her smiling at you, being attracted to you, wanted you to ask her for her number, etc

It’s your intention that creates everything. Meeting women, meeting girls is more about your own personal issues than anything.

The male way is completely opposite of the female way and scares/freaks women out.

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