💍 5 WORST Christian dating rules that are keeping you SINGLE | Part 1

BAD DATING ADVICE is throwing single Christians into chaos! Well-meaning but unbiblical dating tips are keeping Christians frustrated, lonely and single!

Episode 133 11/24/2017
💍 5 WORST Christian dating rules that are keeping you SINGLE | Part 1

Today on #CrackYourBible, we’re talking about the well-meaning but naïve dating advice that so many Christians in the West are told. Unfortunately, because most of the popular Christian dating tips are completely unbiblical, single Christians can end up frustrated, lonely and single!

Part 2 (Will be linked once that video is created.)

*Let’s examine some of the 5 popular but unbiblical Christian dating tips:*
1. You’re just not close enough to God! (Be so close to God that he/she will need to search for Him to find you.)
2. Don’t settle! (God-ordained (by your own standards) marriage is what you’re after!)
3. Find someone who accepts you as you are (Don’t change for anyone!)
4. Stop looking and start praying (You’ll find someone when you’re not looking!)
5. Date with intention (Make sure you discuss sexual purity / children / marriage from the very first date!)

*Let’s replace those not-so-great tips with these dating tips:*
1. If you’re an adult, it’s time. (There’s no special Christian level you must reach to be “ready” to date.)
2. You’re not marrying a rich, sexy Jesus; you’re marrying a fallible human being. (Recognize that we have faults.)
3. You need to change (If you want different results, you’re going to need to seriously reflect and grow as a person.)
4. Be a person of action (Put your faith into action.)
5. Slow your roll! (Get to know someone as a person before putting the pressure of a relationship on each other.)

*From the Bible we know that:*
• God said it’s not good for man to be alone. Genesis 2:18
• Samson’s parents didn’t understand why he chose a Philistine for a wife – but it was God’s plan. Judges 14:3-4
• Esther / Hadassah went through a year’s worth of beauty treatments to attract the King. Esther 2:8-9
• Ruth proposed to Boaz – marry me or else! Ruth 3:7-9
• Jacob went to his uncle Laban when he wanted to marry Rachel. Genesis 29:18-20

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