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today we are talking about dating advice! In my video, I didn’t realize how short it was until after I was editing it, so I will leave more advice here! (additional videos coming up!!)

Trigger warning for topics involving s e x and relationships

‼️ safe s e x ‼️

if you are s e x u ally active, get tested regularly. If you have many partners, getting tested every 1-2 months is good. If you’re in a monogamous relationship, you don’t need to get tested as much but I would recommend every 6 months or year to get tested

💡 s e x without consent is r a p e. 💡

r a p e: unwanted s e x u a l intercource including v a ginal, a n al or o r al penetration. Penetration may be with a body part or an object.

consent: active process of willingly and freely choosing to participate in sex of any kind.

(info founded on We Are UltraViolet . Com)

💔 breaking up 💔

if your partner is abusive, identify safe areas you can go to.

Access the danger and risk of yourself and children if they’re involved. If leaving a situation is not a good option, call or look on the HotLine.org for more additional help. There are resources and people who care and is their mission to help people. There is always hope and love waiting for you. If you or a loved one are being abused or show signs of being an abuser, call here

men and women both can be abusers. Abusers can set your mental and physical health, and family at risk.

🔅 Help and Resources 🔅



•Find your local shelters

•record and take photos of the abuse happening to build a case against the abuser

•if you are injured, go the hospital immediately and call 911

•protect yourself with physical defense or use your arms to block your body and head from force from the abuser


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The Breakfast Club (movie)

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“Red Flags in Dating”

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